About us

Wire Wizard is the world’s leading brand of wire dispensing products. With an extensive product line, we dispense and guide welding wire from the drum to the contact tip. Our mission is to maximize the efficiency of your welding cell through effortless wire feeding, redefining arc welding performance.

"Give us your worst performing welding cell and we will turn it into your best one."

Started in 1985 by Elco Enterprises and brought to Europe in 1999, the Wire Wizard program offers a total solution for all your wire feeding problems. Through simple combinations of high quality products, we equip all robots and welding machines with a drum placed at a variable distance.

No matter what type of wire feeder, drum, welding robot or manual machine you are using, Wire Wizard has a cone and connector specifically for you. Combined with our flexible conduit, you can connect everything to anything.

Need help?

Explore our full Wire Wizard product line here or contact us via sales@wire-wizard.eu. for personal advice.