Wire Wizard launched a new model of the Pneumatic Feed Assist (PFA). Below you can find more information.

Why using a wire feed assist?

The PFA is used at installations on which a long cable run cannot be avoided. The PFA makes it possible to use a cable run of 10, 20 or even 30 meters.

How to use?

The air-powered motor pushes the wire to the outer corner of the conduit. The pushing-force is adjusted in a way that the motor keeps the wire at a mechanical tension. When the welding starts, the wire is pulled into the inner-corner which will undo the resistance and makes the air-motor run freely. This process makes the wire float between the inner and outer corners inside the conduit.


  • Works independent, NO SIGNAL NEEDED, shop air only
  • Feeds wire up to 30 meters
  • Works with all wires and all welding machines
  • Reduces, drag, wear and arc failures
  • Increases conduit life, feeder life and production