Wire Wizard expands it's product range to cover all parts that touches wire. This includes liners, contact tips and diffusers.

Torch Liners

Wire Wizard Torch liners are designed to provide superior feedability. The elliptical wire technology used for the FC-X conduit is now also available for torch-liners. The liner also has a patented coating for an extreme smooth surface. The result is a durable, long lasting torch liner that will reduce costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues.

Tips & Diffusers

Wire Wizard Tips & Diffusers provide a copper-to-copper assembly for maximum conductivity and performance. The torch tip seats firmingly in a copper insert within the diffuser with a smooth elliptical end. Traditional tip designs lose conductivity at this connection point since they are typically flat or tapered. Boost the power of your torch with Wire Wizard Tips & Diffusers.


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