The new way of anti-spatter - Spatter Shield

What is Spatter Shield?

Spatter Shied is a revolutionary new way of anti-spatter.

  • Up till now we protected the work piece against the spatter
  • From now on we protect the spatter against the work piece

How does it works?

The Spatter Shield unit contains a special fluid which is atomised into the shielding gas. This mist creates a shielding layer arount the spatter which makes that it won't be stick to the work piece, tooling or jig.
The same shielding layer is created at the torch parts which are herewith protected as well.


  • Less or no after treatment of workpiece
  • Less cleaning cycles of torch needed
  • Longer lifetime of torch consumables
  • Longer lifetime of jig and tooling
  • Clean weld cell by using less fluids

The unit is easily installed and one 135ml bottle of fluid can be used to weld up to 450kg of welding wire. Works for mild steel and stainless steel but not for aluminium.