Orbital Arm Kit for 51-60cm cone with EC-4 Liner

The orbital arm is developed to solve problems which can occure during the unwinding of drums. Small diameter wires and heavy tangling wire can cause nuts inside the drum. With the orbital arm these problems can be solved easily.

The orbital arm prevents the wire to get caught-up by the center-core of the welding wire drum. The orbital arm is attaches to the hood and spins as the wire is fed from the drum. Because the space between the top of the drum and the start of the spool is reduced greatly it eliminates the changes of tangling wire and the problems that occur in this area.

The orbital arm is made of a polished ceramic inlet guide that prevent the wire of being shaved.
All of the Wire Wizard drum cones are compatible with the orbital arm. Next to that the orbital arm is suitable for all wire sizes up to 1.6mm

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