Wire Guide Modules

The Wire Wizard Wire Guide Module is a patented design. It uses ball-bearing rollers to eliminate bends and maintain a smooth wire feed.

Choose from four models:

  • Standard 45° module: *
    Can be connected to form 90°, 135° or 180° bends.
  • Mini 90° module: *
    Suitable for wires up to 1.2mm and tight 90° bends. Advised when combining two Standard 45° modules is not possible.
  • Compact 90° module:
    Used at the wire feeder entrance for tight robotic weld cells. Can not be connected to the regular modules. Includes end caps.
  • Large wire 45° module: *
    Suitable for wires up to 5.0mm. Read more here.

*Required end cap kits are sold separately.