Non-Stop Wire

Companies using welding robots with welding wire fed from drums experience the drum change process as a disruption. Since the supply of welding wire is interrupted during the drum change, the welding process comes to a temporary halt. Furthermore, once the supply is restarted, there is an interrupted weld seam that must then be manually touched up. With the endless wire system from Wire Wizard, a solution for a continuous, uninterrupted welding process is offered.

The endless wire system provides a continuous, uninterrupted supply of welding wire by connecting two barrels of welding wire. For that purpose, the beginning of the welding wire from drum A is connected to the end of the welding wire from drum B. Wire Wizard has developed a frame with two cones for this purpose, which enables an interference-free transition between two drums. The two wire ends still have to be welded together. For this purpose, the system includes a compact butt-welding machine that connects both parts with a welding tong. The operator can do this at their convenience.

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