Wire Wizard News
11 September 2017

The most spectacular innovation in years are the new Wire Guide Modules. A totally new concept of feeding wire.


What causes the most friction in wire transport?
Exactly, “the bends and curves in your conduit”
Eliminate these curves, you’ll eliminate the friction!

Within this new way of thinking the straight ends of your wire feed are made with the familiar conduits and the curves are made with these Wire Guide Modules. Each module has a curve of 45 degrees and can be built together with other modules in order to make a 90, 135 or 180 degrees curves. In this way large distances can be bridged without assist.

The modules are made of a lightweight polymer body with heavy duty rollers inside which run on metal ball bearings. This choice of material makes the module extremely durable. And therefor Wire Wizard offers a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE !! (excludes damage caused by lubricants at the wire)

At page 18 to 21 of the catalogue you’ll find all products available in this new range.The standard modules can feed wire up to a diameter of 2,4mm

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